Laura Pollock

IMG_1484I’m an Assistant Professor in quantitative ecology, but am interested in a range of ecology and conservation topics. I’ve worked in a variety of places and continents- most recently in France with Wilfried Thuiller on a Marie Curie project CLEF ‘Conserving the Legacy of Evolution into the Future’. Before that in Australia at the University of Melbourne as part of the National Environmental Research Program (NERP Environmental Decisions Hub). And before that doing a PhD with Pete Vesk studying the coolest trees known to man (eucalypts, in case you weren’t aware of that fact), and before that in lowland swamps and marshes of the Gulf of Mexico with Loretta Battaglia, and before that in my own backyard- the mountains of Wyoming with Kate Dwire.


Louise O’Connor

DSC_0021Louise is doing a PhD project (co-supervised with W. Thuiller) on the biogeography and conservation of food webs. She is working with a a fantastic dataset of species interactions for vertebrates across Europe and is using a bunch of cool methods- stochastic block models, species distribution models, and spatial conservation planning tools.



Abbie Jones

IMG_2931Abbie is a master’s student (co-supervised with Brian Leung) working on advances in species distribution models that correct for spatial and taxonomic biases and that combine presence-only with presence-absence datasets.. and she’s doing lots of them (for tens of thousands of plant species!).

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